When building a website to boost your business online presence, there are certain tools you must use. In boosting the traffic to your website, tap into local SEO with Google maps marketing. It is free and directs nearby potential customers to your place of business. You must be on it.

This free service helps you to grow your organic traffic. And it is easy to use. It is even more important now than ever to get listed on Google Maps. 

Why? Because of the pandemic, most people aren’t going to shops. If you can’t be found on services such as this, you seem not to exist. It is extremely important to list your business on services like Google Maps. So that the customers who are looking for you on their computers and smartphones can find you.

Brick and Mortar Business on Google Maps

Why You Need to Get Your Business on Google Maps

Get Exposure!

Google Maps provides information about your business, improves your visibility and helps your customers find you quickly. Users get information such as your opening hours, contact details, customer reviews as well as the URL of your website.

This allows you to update your information at any time and allows you to ensure its reliability. 

If you’re not on Google Maps, you risk missing customers and potential sales. If you’re a restaurant, bar, or similar establishment, you can be sure that 75% of your customers are doing a proximity search on Google.

For stores, a very large number of consumers look at the opening hours, the location, or the availability of a product.

In addition, this also allows you to be well referenced on Google My Business.

Getting listed on Google Maps is therefore an essential means of ensuring your visibility. Always remember to update your business information.

Free Advert Placement

You get to promote your business for free on Google Maps. Free exposure, free advert placement. Your information will appear as an online business card in a block when customers around you search for your services.

Besides useful information about your business, photos will appear in this insert.

Google will select default images (website, photos sent by internet users) and you can enrich these photos and choose the main cover photo. If the information on you is rich and you are easy to find, you’ll grab the attention of potential customers.

To deprive yourself of Google Maps listing is to deprive yourself of an enormous part of internet users and especially those who carry out local searches.

Communicate with your customers

Customers can leave comments about your business, products, and services on Google Maps. The opinions and ratings of customers have become an integral part of the link between the customer and the merchant, therefore you can’t ignore this.

You can also respond to these comments and therefore maintain a link with them.

You can then either thank your customers or remedy a problem they may have encountered and this will serve your image. Reviews from sites like Facebook, Yelp or Tripadvisor are also visible.

The opinions of your customers and the interactions you have with them will be an important element to take into account for your e-reputation and therefore, the image of your brand.

In addition, you can take advantage of this opportunity to keep your customers informed of events or special offers and by publishing photos (even 3D photos).

Get Analytics and Reputation Management

You can get important data to help you better understand your business’s online reputation.

In other words, knowing how visitors find your business is important for your digital marketing efforts. You can see how many people find your business through Google searches, Google My Business, etc. Also, how many people engage with your business information, request a call, or visit your website.

All this information will help you in your marketing strategy.

Protect Your Brand Image

On the internet, it is important to take care of your image. A bad reputation can very quickly ruin business for you. And we are unfortunately not immune to unpleasant surprises.

Google Maps allows you to take ownership of your brand.

It can happen that the name of your business is almost identical to that of another, or even that people create false pages on your business. When you know the importance of e-reputation, this possibility is very useful.

Get your brand certified on Google Maps and then Google My Business and avoid confusing potential customers.


You understood getting listed on Google Maps is an essential step to take into account for your business. In today’s world, where more people are engaging with businesses via the internet, you cannot afford to ignore this.

Besides increasing your visibility, this service will allow you to help your future customers research your services and contact you.

All you have to do is carefully fill out your information on Google Maps from your smartphone or computer.